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G**gle - "We Are The Evil". No longer my favorite search engine.

Dogpile - This Schwartzenegger of search engines searches two-dozen engines at once.

EuroSeek - Search engine devoted to Europe. Can search in 25 languages and in 43 countries.

Acronyms & Abbreviations - Searches all the stuff nobody else wants, like what BOB and CREEP mean.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - To search or not to search, that is the engine.

CIA Factbook - Info on maps, flags, geography, population, etc. The best for quick country info, because if anyone needs to get into and get out of a country fast, it's these guys.


dMarie Time Capsule - Info on any given date from 1800 to the present. (DNA was discovered on my b-day, as were dust bunnies under my crib.)

The Farmer's Almanac - Noisy chickens foretell rain, so says this search engine. For me it simply foretells dinner. - Searches for on-line articles, like the kind few people read.

Behind The Name - Searches the origin and meaning of first names, like Homer and Garth.

Writers Guild of America, west - The Research Links page is an invaluable resource for writers. Great site, but loads like molasses.

Writers' Resources: Nicely laid out site that lists screenwriting software and supplies on the net.  With all that's available, how can you not succeed.

Inkwell Newswatch - News and views for working writers. A fast-growing
monthly online e-zine.

Scr(i)pt Magazine - The leading source of information on writing and selling your screenplay.

Writers Free Reference - Gobs, and gobs, and gobs of reference info for writers.

Literary Agents E-Mail Addresses Resource - Just what it sounds like. - Kevin Spacey wants to discover new talent. Upload your short film or script and have it reviewed and rated by your peers for free.

Hollywood Litsales - A great site for novice screenwriters. "Producers" post requests for scripts they need; plus tips for writers, and more. (Remember, register your script at the WGA before sending it anywhere. WGA link in Research section.)

Done Deal - Suck up to the right people by learning what screenplays, books, and treatments are selling in "the biz." Agency listings, contests, and oh-so-much more. - Connects your script with the Players. You know, the money people not part of your immediate family.

Box Office Guru - A comprehensive site filled with box office stats, opening grosses, release schedules.

Ain't It Cool News - A hip, film industry site with really large type.

The Internet Movie Database - This major film site searches over 180,000 films you didn't write; also, daily entertainment news, new and future film releases.

Canadian Screenwriter - Hey, we love this magazine. They carry "TWaW." Okay, then.

The Writer Magazine - As the magazine claims, its "Essential for Writers since 1887," which is how long I've been working on my latest rewrite.


FinalDraft - Makes the dreary job of typing scripts a lot easier.

Theory and Structure: - John Truby's insights and tools on how to analyze film structure are worth a look.

Other Sites:

Restless Minds Press - The best publisher on the planet. Why? Because they publish The Writer at Work.

HOLLYWOOD OS - OK, let's say you're a writer with an outgoing personality and WAY too much time on your hands. Then why not try working as an extra in TV and film to fill up the down time. This site is the best place to get honest info about this confusing aspect of acting for da pictures. (You can also check out my favorite books link to see Hollywood OS's Extra Work for Brain Surgeons on

PostSecret - See a secret. Share a secret. The secret lives of humans exposed. A great place for inspiration. This site alone could save writers millions of dollars in psychiatric bills. - A gazillion links to all things funny.

Bahamas Writer - An informal guide and source of inspiration for new, and not so new, writers worldwide.

OddTodd - Whether you're between jobs or not, Todd's flash movie about joblessness is a hoot.

Play the Sheep Game - Want to blow 10-minutes and call it research?

The Duncan Group -An eclectic documentary site where history, adventure, and social issue television programming converge.

Kundalini Yoga - A form of meditation as taught by Bruce Joel Ruben.

Filmmaker's Exam - Yearning to make a movie? Take this humorous exam first.





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